Ready to start losing weight

 through FEEDING your DESIRES?

Become queen of your own universe!

Don’t deprive yourself, REVIVE yourself!

If you’ve ever thought things like... 

“I look terrible in all my clothes!"

“I don’t wanna go to the gym and have to try to work out in front of all those fit people,”

“Nothing’s ever going to work! I’m probably just doomed to be fat forever!”

“Why do those other women get to be beautiful while I don’t?”
and the worst, “There MUST be something wrong with me!”’re in the right place.

We know you’ve tried everything to lose weight. You’ve devoured tons of diet books, gone to Weight Watchers, tried every piece of exercise equipment under the sun, sweat your butt off to countless DVDs, swallowed supplements and even tried acupuncture, holistic doctors, workshops, fad diets, juicing, fasting – you name it, you’ve done it!

But none of it has least not long term.

And the worst part? You’ve put your life on hold because of it. You keep telling yourself that once you finally kick the last 10/20/30 lbs., then you can start going to yoga regularly/building your business/dating again...whatever.

You feel hopeless - and helpless.

But girlfriend, here’s the thing: Life waits for no one. And if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.

Lean in, love, ‘cause we’re about to spill something HUGE: 

The secret to losing weight (the easy way) has

NOTHING to do with diets or deprivation.

It has NOTHING to do with starving yourself

OR turning your nose up at those decadent red velvet cupcakes your co-worker baked for your birthday.

Losing weight actually becomes really simple once you realize it comes down to answering one teeny-but-powerful question:

What do you REALLY crave?

Knowing the answer to THAT question is the key

to owning your inner queendom.

Only, most of us don’t know. Instead, we’ve been taught to ignore our real desires and use food as a substitute for sooo many things:

for safety, for love, for acceptance, for happiness

We think we want a nugget of dark chocolate before bed - but what we really want(and are trying NOT to admit to ourselves) is a quick cuddle with our hubby. 

We think we want that extra glass of wine on a Sunday afternoon – but what we really want is to hang out with our girlfriends (with or without the Pinot Grigio).

See what we mean?

Once we figure out the underlying “hole” we’re trying to fill with food - everything changes.

Work with us and we’ll help you... 

Find out what you truly desire

Release outdated beliefs that hold you back (and keep the weight on)

Learn to deeply, truly love your body, once and for all

Embrace your inner queendom 

And the fact that the weight practically melts off?

That’s just a sweet little bonus. :) 

Here’s the deal: 

Our programs put a fresh new twist on traditional weight loss strategies by getting to the root of what’s causing you to binge

OR fall off the wagon each time.

That’s the secret ingredient to making weight loss

stick -and it’swhat most other programs are missing.

Not that a healthy diet and a kick ass exercise program isn’t good for you (it is - and we show all our clients what that looks like).

But there’s so much more to it than that.

You’ve got to make it a lifestyle thing. And to do that, you’ve got to deal with the real, underlying issues.  You’ve got to get going creating a life you love, so you stop looking for love (and validation...and all that other stuff) in FOOD.

But here’s the good news: We’ll NEVER ask you to give up what you love in order to lose the weight. We won’t tell you you can’t enjoy a latte on your way to work. We won’t tell you you to skip out on Happy Hour or somehow live a lonely, pallid existence devoid of any and all temptation, fun and pleasure. Heck no!

In fact, we’ll do quite the opposite - we’ll ask you to discover MORE of what you love and compassionately hold you accountable as you “do the work” to create the life YOU long for.

‘Cause the ultimate goal here is to teach you how

to feel confident & beautiful & comfortable in your

own skin and be “the real you” right NOW – not 20

lbs. from now.

Okay, and lose those 20 lbs, too. ;)

You in?

Pick your program:

The 28-Day Weight Release™ Challenge: 

Got an event coming up? Need to slim down...quick? If you’re ready to ditch the pounds and love and accept your body NOW, this is for you.

The Weight-Release™ 60-day Intensive 

This program is all about releasing what no longer serves you in order to make room for what you TRULY desire in your life.  You’ll learn how to release clutter (and remnants of the “old you”), set yourself up for success with simple pantry and meal planning techniques and sooo much more.  

Weight-Release™ Mastery 

*Note: This program is for clients who’ve done the 60-day or jumpstart ONLY* 

Our mastery program is the ultimate in weight loss transformation for women. It’s for women who really want to dive deep - who aren’t afraid (or who finally feel ready) to make massive (and beautiful) changes. We’ll take all the work from the earlier programs & go deeper, learning about how to get in tune with the rhythm of nature & your body through Ayurveda & simultaneously diving into each area of your life to discover where you’re hungry – & what you’re truly hungry for.

Not sure which program to choose?

Wanna get to know us and how we work? 

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